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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Business & Entrepreneurship

Wendell P. Holmes, Jr. Business Building
Office: #319


Mission and Vision Statements


Consistent with Bethune-Cookman University’s mission as a United Methodist, Historically Black University, we strive to provide quality education for all people, especially those lacking social, economic and educational advantages.

The College of Business and Entrepreneurship is the school of choice for those who seek an education that combines experiential learning with practical business skills. We want to be increasingly recognized by our stakeholders for challenging our students to reach their full potential.


The College of Business and Entrepreneurship is the school of choice for those seeking a quality business education that utilizes innovative technologies, relevant curricula, global exposure, an entrepreneurial mindset, and professionalism in the workplace and Graduate School. Graduates are expected to become community servants and uphold ethical values and integrity.

Program Overview

The College of Entrepreneurship & Business recognizes that leadership is more than a position. It is an action. Mastery of the major tenets of business is accomplished through innovative and cutting-edge technologies and systems. The College offers majors in Accounting, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Finance, and *Information Systems Management with additional training in Entrepreneurship, Management, Marketing, and International Business. Activities are designed to help students become critical and analytical thinkers and effective communicators who exemplify the highest levels of ethical and moral behavior.

Admissions Requirements

Applicants must meet the admission requirements of Bethune-Cookman University as described in the Admission section of this catalog and then any listed requirements in the specific department. 

Education Outcomes

Program Objectives:

The objectives of the College of Business & Entrepreneurship are to provide the student with the following general business skills and competencies:

  1. The ability to think critically.
  2. The ability to apply analytical and technical skills in problem solving and research.
  3. The ability to demonstrate leadership skills.
  4. The ability to communicate effectively.
  5. An understanding of legal, ethical and professional practices.
  6. An understanding of the global and diverse nature of business.

Student Learning Outcomes:

      Students who complete CBE programs will be able to possess the following competencies:

  1. Critical Thinking - Analyze and evaluate both critical thinking and problem-solving skills, individually and collaboratively, across all disciplines.
  2. Technology - Consider and formulate technological competencies required for handling vital business information and decision making.
  3. Ethics - Evaluate the professional code of conduct within their discipline and adopt ethical behavior in their professional lives.
  4. Communication - Prepare and express communication skills, written, orally, and visually to diverse audiences within individual and collaborative learning environments.
  5. General Knowledge - Distinguish and integrate general knowledge across business and other disciplines.
  6. Globalization - Differentiate key global and diverse components of countries’ business environments and assess how environmental components differ across countries.
  7. Civic Engagement - Consider and support civic responsibility and engagements with a commitment to active citizenship.
  8. Life Long Learner - Formulate the groundwork to become a lifelong learner through ongoing personal and professional development.

Graduation Requirements

The requirements and objectives, which are discussed in this section, apply to the College of Business & Entrepreneurship as a whole. Departmental requirements are given with the major area offerings.  Note: All students are encouraged to earn a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher for all courses required to complete their program. However, for course credit toward graduation in a major area, students must earn at least a “C” grade.

* The Information Systems Management program is not yet accredited by ACBSP.