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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biology, B.S.

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The Bachelor of Science in Biology is designed for students who are interested in careers which require an extensive background in biology. Upon completion of the Bachelor of Science degree, the student will have met the minimum major requirements for admission to graduate and professional schools (e.g., medical, dental, veterinary, etc). Elective coursework can lead to a specialized focus in bioinformatics, molecular biology, or ecology. In collaboration with the College of Education, a B. S. in Biology Education is also offered and is described in the College of Education portion of the catalog. The department chair can provide more information.

Requirements for Major in Biology

Admission to the Program

Admission to the program is through a formal declaration of major and a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0.


In addition to the CSEM requirements, Biology majors must earn a grade of “C” or better in MAT 241 - Calculus I with Analytic Geometry . Biology majors may substitute  PH 251 - College Physics I  /  PH 252 - College Physics II  for  PH 241 - General Physics I  /  PH 242 - General Physics II . Students who major in Biology may substitute CH 446 Biochemistry II for one of their biology elective courses. In the second year, during the SEM 222 - Fundamentals of Science II  all Biology majors will take an exam reviewing the material covered in BI 141 , BI 142  and BI 240 . Continuation in the program will be contingent upon successfully passing this exam or permission of the Department Chair and/or Academic Advisor.

Refer to the vertical curriculum for additional course requirements.

Biology: Total Semester Hours=124

Freshman Year

Total: 15

Total: 16

Summer Semester

Total: 6

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

First Semester

Total: 15

Second Semester

Total: 14

Senior Year

First Semester

  • BI 3/400 Level Elective (3 Credit Hours)
  • BI 3/400 Level Elective (4 Credit Hours)
  • 3 Credit Hour Free Elective
  • 3 Credit Hours GE
Total: 13

Second Semester

Total: 14


General Education courses are in marked with a GE.

*Based on placement exam scores, these courses may require a pre-requisite which may extend the number of semesters needed to complete degree requirements.

**MARCHING BAND MEMBERS ONLY, MUST substitute PE Activity with MUB 110 - Marching Band . ROTC MEMBERS ONLY, substitute PE Activity with MY 104 - Basic Military Science  and MYL 104 - Basic Military Science Laboratory 

Elective Requirements

  • One course (200 or above) must be taken in each of three areas: Ecology/Evolution; Structure and Function; and Cellular/Developmental/Molecular Biology.
  • One 300 I 400 level Biology Course must be computational or have a strong data component. (See below for examples.)
  • One 300/400 level Biology Course must have a strong writing component. (These courses will be indicated in the catalog description.)

Options in each category (writing courses are in bold)

Restricted 200-level Elective 
Ecology/ Evolution
Structure and Function
Computational / Data-based
Cellular/ Developmental/ Molecular
Additional Elective Options (writing courses in bold)


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