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2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Within the bachelor’s degree program there is a specifically designated for Registered Nurses who practice in the State of Florida to enroll in the RN-BSN program. Registered nurses with an Associate of Arts degree, Associate of Science, or diploma may receive credit for prior nursing and science courses through a variety of validation procedures. RN-BSN students may complete their studies in as little as one year, once they have met all of the prerequisite courses required by the School of Nursing.

Progression - Retention and Graduation

Once a student has been admitted to the nursing program, he or she will be required to comply with the following progression, retention, and graduation policies:

  1. All co requisite courses and all courses in the upper level of the School of Nursing must be completed with a grade of “C” or above.
  2. Students who earn a grade below “C” in a nursing course must retake the course and pass with a “C” or better. Students, who fail NU 283 - Nursing Concepts , and NU 285 - Pharmacology , may continue in the program and repeat the course the next time it is offered. Failure in all other courses will stop the student’s progression in the program and the course must be taken the next time it is offered.
  3. Students must pass progression examinations that are part of the core curriculum. These policies are found in the syllabi for all courses.
  4. Students who earn a failing grade in NU 281 - Fundamentals of Nursing , NU 282 - Health Assessment , NU 284 - Care of the Emerging Family , NU 303 - Adult Health I , NU 305 - Adult Health II , NU 307 - Child Health , NU 403 - Psychiatric-Mental Health , NU 405 - Community Health , NU 406 - Nursing Research  NU 433 - Leadership & Management  NU 449 - Comprehensive Review I  NU 450 - Comprehensive Review II  NU 499 - Seminar in Nursing , and are considered out of sequence in the nursing curriculum. In such cases, the students must take and pass NU 395 - Developmental Survey I  or NU 495 - Developmental Survey II  prior to repeating the course in which a failing grade was earned.
  5. Failure in a course that was repeated constitutes a second failure in a nursing course and the student will be dismissed from the School of Nursing. A student who fails two nursing courses is permanently dismissed from the School of Nursing. Such students may not reapply to the Bethune-Cookman University School of Nursing.
  6. A comprehensive exit examination is required at Bethune-Cookman University. In the Schoolof Nursing this comprehensive examination is given in NU 450 - Comprehensive Review II .
    The student must achieve a 95% predicted probability of passing NCLEX score. This score is required to pass NU 450  and progress to graduation. The student may retake the examination once. The Student must demonstrate remediation before a retake will be allowed.
  7. The School of Nursing adheres to all general requirements and procedures of the University for Progression and Graduation.

Special Requirements for Nursing Majors

Clinical experience is essential to augment learning in the classroom. In order to practice in the clinical area a student must have an annual PPD skin test. Standardized tests are also an important measure of student mastery of classroom content and clinical experiences. These special requirements are defined in the School of Nursing Student Handbook.

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