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2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Life and Support Services




Student Development and Academic Integration

The Office of Student Affairs is committed to the University’s Vision and Strategic Plan. As such, the Office of Student Affairs works diligently to provide a warm and comfortable living and learning environment for the University’s students. The Office of Student Affairs is dedicated to creating a “home away from home” while it provides oversight and supervision for students living in the University’s 10 residential halls, its 2 scholarship houses, and three leadership houses. In addition, the Office of Student Affairs supervises student organizations and social activities.

Excellence in the development of all of Bethune-Cookman’s students is of paramount importance and is facilitated through the goals, objectives, programs, and activities of the sector’s primary departments. These departments are Residential Life, Student Activities, Career Services, Health Services, Student Development, International Student Services, and Campus Security. The Office of Student Affairs also works closely with the University’s Food Services Department to ensure both nutritious food and quality food service.

Student Responsibility

Each student who accepts admission to Bethune-Cookman University also accepts the University’s standards of personal conduct (Code of Honor). The student is expected to take full advantage of the opportunities offered within formal and informal learning environments in order to learn how to make wise decisions regarding appropriate behavior, attitude, and conduct in all settings. Policies and practices governing students and student life are found in the student handbook.

Judicial Affairs

Bethune-Cookman University seeks to safeguard the integrity of all students. It is expected that individual students will refrain from participating in acts which are considered inappropriate. Students are subject to disciplinary action who persist in violating any of the privileges, standards, and policies of the University; who are consistently delinquent in academic responsibility; and/or who continuously neglect their financial obligations; or who embarrass the University in any manner. The University reserves the right to dismiss a student for unbecoming social behavior. The possession of firearms and the use and possession of alcoholic beverages and narcotics by Bethune-Cookman University students are strictly forbidden and are grounds for immediate dismissal. The University reserves the right to notify civil authorities whenever a student is guilty of, or charged with, violation(s) of civil law. The University also reserves the right to dismiss said student if arrested and while charges are pending. Students may apply for readmission upon being cleared of all charges.

Religious Experiences

Bethune-Cookman University has a great and cherished religious tradition. This tradition is strengthened and reinforced through the University’s continued relationship with the Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church. Regardless of denomination, students are encouraged to reach out to the variety of campus religious organizations that are available to them through such groups as the Religious Life Fellowship or the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is chaired by the University Chaplain and is comprised of students, faculty, and staff members from diverse religious denominations.

The Office of the University Chaplain is staffed by a full-time ordained chaplain. Its services and outreach are open and available to all students, faculty, and staff members. The Office is also available for spiritual counseling and guidance. The Office of the University Chaplain seeks to coordinate and promote programs of spiritual enrichment on the campus and aggressively seeks opportunities to partner with other organizations on various programming and event ideas. Students are encouraged to participate in weekly Bible study, annual spiritual outreach celebrations, midweek prayer services, outdoor prayer and worship services, and spiritual awareness sessions held in the residential halls.

Policy on Infants and Children on Campus

Enrolled students of Bethune-Cookman University are not permitted to bring infants and/or children into classrooms, classroom buildings or other facilities, including the library. Further, if children are on the campus for any purpose, they must always be supervised by an adult. Appropriate disciplinary measures will apply if this policy is not followed.

Health Services

A primary goal of the Health Services Department is to positively influence the thinking and actions of students toward more healthful living. The Health Services Department is committed to disease prevention, physical and mental health maintenance as well as helping students manage preexisting conditions.

The University’s Health Services Department is housed in the Adams Student Health Center and is under the direction of a registered nurse who serves as its director. In addition to the director, the services, programs, and initiatives of the Health Services Department are supported by a Mental Health Professional and a Licensed Practical Nurse. The University contracts with Halifax Medical Center to receive the weekly services of a consulting physician. The physician is made available to University students a minimum of 20 hours per week. If necessary, students are referred to off campus medical facilities for further services. Any student who elects to seek the services of physicians other than the University contracted physician or to use out-patient facilities other than those pre-approved by the University is responsible for payment of all fees associated with that decision.

Students who need hospital services should contact the University’s Health Services Department between 8-5 Monday - Friday. For urgent care needed after hours, on weekends, and holidays students should notify a member of the residential staff or campus security.

Qualified Disabled Persons

Bethune-Cookman University provides equal opportunity to qualified disabled persons in accordance with the requirements of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). ADA and section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 serve to ensure that individuals with current disabling conditions are provided reasonable accommodations to enable them to enjoy the programs, activities, services, and employment opportunities offered by colleges and universities. As these laws only apply to individuals with known disabilities, it is required by Bethune-Cookman University that individuals provide recent documentation to establish their eligibility under these laws and to document their specific accommodation needs. Individuals with a verifiable learning or physical disability affecting academic studies must submit documentation of a professional diagnostic evaluation (not older than three years) of their disability to the Office of Student Affairs in the Parlin Center. All others with disabilities as defined by the ADA must also contact the Student Affairs Office in the student center regarding living and dietary accommodations and the Testing Office in Faith Hall regarding standardized testing.

The Carl S. Swisher Library/Learning Resource Center

The library collection contains over 187,908 books in addition to periodicals, audio and video tapes, microforms and other materials. An online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) provides access to the library collection via the internet. The collection is housed in open stacks except for special collections.

The Library features a Local Area Network (LAN) with access to the Internet and subscribed online databases that include ProQuest, Britannica Online, First Search, ERIC, SIRS, Newsbank, InfoTrac, JStor and others.

As a member of the Florida Library Network (FLIN), Central Florida Library Consortium (CFLC), and the Southeastern Library Network (SOLINET), the Swisher Library has access to other resources and collections in Florida and around the country through inter-library loan programs.

The Carl S. Swisher Library/Learning Resource Center (LRC) also houses a number of conference rooms for group study, an exhibition area, a non-print media room for class presentations, a computer center, a graphics department, and the university archives. Special collections include the Mary McLeod Bethune, the Joseph M. Taylor, the Thelma Harris Livingston, the Florence L. Roane, the Attica Collection, and the Negro Collection of books by and about Blacks. The archival area is the repository for documentary, photographic and other materials of historic value to the University.

The Swisher Library/LRC serves as a major focus for improving learning, teaching, and research. It addresses the academic, administrative, and cultural needs of the University through the provision of resources identified above as well as consultative services offered to faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

Computing Services and Resources

Office of Instructional Technology

The Office of Instructional Technology implements the effective use of technology for the School of Graduate Studies. Its operating framework is designed to enhance teaching and learning for students and faculty with administrative support through online learning. The Office of Instructional Technology works to create a more student-centered environment in order to prepare students for the information age and a global society while increasing interdisciplinary collaboration.

The Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is responsible for admission policy requirements; graduation requirements; curriculum and course approval; qualifications of graduate faculty; records; transfer credit; and all other relevant policies or standards (including student grade appeals). The voting membership shall consist of representatives from all academic schools, the registrar, the director of the library, the President of the Faculty Association, graduate department heads, graduate Assessment Coordinator, two graduate student representatives, and the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.