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    Bethune-Cookman University
  Dec 14, 2017
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

Criminal Justice, B.S.

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The primary objective of the criminal justice program is to provide students with a curriculum that would qualify them to assume administrative, research and other professional positions in the criminal justice system. Courses offered in the program are designed to teach students how to develop and apply knowledge and critical thinking to current situations in our pluralistic society.

Admission to the Program

Admission is through filing of a formal application for a major, after completion of General Education requirements.

Major Requirements

Pass all criminal justice courses with a grade of “C” or higher.

Criminal Justice: Total Semester Hours = 120

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year

First Semester

Total: 15

Second Semester

Total: 12

Criminal Justice Electives by Focus Area

Law Enforcement

  • CJ 351  - Forensic Science
  • CJ 305  - Crime and the Elderly
  • CJ 331  - Principles of Criminal Investigation


  • CJ 406  - Probation and Parole
  • CJ 435  - Treatment of Drug Addiction
  • CJ 436  - Deprivation of Liberty

Courts & Legal Systems

  • CJ 310  - Adjudication and Legal Terminology
  • CJ 320  - Women and the Criminal Justice System

Juvenile Justice Reform

  • CJ 314  - The Color of Law (In)Justice in American History
  • CJ 463  - Juvenile Justice Reform
  • CJ 464  - Juvenile Law




GE = General Education Courses.

*Based on your placement testing scores, these courses may require prerequisites which may extend the number of semesters needed to complete degree requirements. These prerequisites do not count towards the degree for graduation.

**MARCHING BAND MEMBERS ONLY, MUST substitute PE Activity with MUB 110 - Marching Band .

**ROTC MEMBERS ONLY, substitute PE Activity with MY 104 - Basic Military Science  and MYL 104 MY 104 - Basic Military Science . (ROTC)

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