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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

Hospitality Management, B.S.

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To prepare students for leadership roles in an ethical, diverse, and global Hospitality Industry, by providing them transformative experiences, skills and knowledge within a faith-based environment.



PSLO 1.  Hospitality Knowledge and Reasoning: Distinguish and integrate key hospitality concepts, principles and theories to enhance effective decision making and critical thinking in a professional environment.

PSLO 2. Communication: Prepare and express effective communication skills written, orally and visually through case studies, presentations, projects and other experiential learning assignments.

PSLO 3. Leadership:  Illustrate technological, collaborative and management concepts as hospitality leadership strategies.

PSLO 4.  Globalization: Evaluate the importance of multi-culturally diverse practices that drive customer needs in the global hospitality industry.

PSLO 5.  Civic Responsibility: Analyze the ethically responsible and environmentally sustainable practices of the hospitality industry.


Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management


The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management prepares future leaders of Hospitality by providing dynamic class experiences, experienced professors and industry speakers, coupled with experiential learning activities. The program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration (ACPHA) 1993.

In addition to the Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, the department also offers two minors in Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts.

The Hospitality Management Minor provides students from other majors the opportunity to gain experience in the industry. Since the industry works with multiple disciplines in corporate settings, a minor in this field can increase the employment opportunities for non- hospitality majors. 

The Culinary Arts Minor provides opportunities to learn the fundamental skills in product knowledge, food production, service and management while incorporating extensive hands on instruction.


Admission to the Program:

Through a formal declaration of major or minor.



Culinary Arts…………………………………………18 Credit hours within Culinary Arts

  • CUL 105
  • CUL 301
  • CUL 302
  • CUL 303
  • CUL 304
  • CUL 305


Business Majors will complete 18 credits to obtain the Hospitality minor.


Non-Business majors will complete two required business courses, in addition to the 18 Hospitality credits, for a minimum of 25 credits.


Required courses:

HM 110 Introduction to Hospitality Industry

HM 230 Principles of Tourism


Select 12 credit hours from the following courses:

HM 200 Nutrition (3 credit hours)

HM 240 Front Office Man. (3 credit hours)

HM 242 Housekeeping Ops. (3 credit hours)

HM 250 Sanitation & Safety (1 credit hour)

HM 260 Food Preparation & Planning (3 credit hours)

HML 260 Food Preparation & Planning Lab (1 credit hour)

HM 353 Restaurant Management (3 credit hours)

HM 431 Guest Serv. Man. (3 credit hours)

HM 432 Conf. & Conv. Management (3 credit hours)

HM 462 Culture & Cuisine (3 credit hours)


Non-Business Majors additional required courses:

AC 231 Principles of Accounting I & Lab

MG 300 Management & Organizational Behavior


Major Requirements

Students are required to take 46 credit hours in lodging, food and tourism courses, 28 credit hours from course offerings throughout the College of Business and Entrepreneurship, and 6 elective credit hours. This includes two mandatory internships and requires a minimum Grade Point Average of 2.5. Students must earn a “C” or better average in all Business, and Hospitality Management courses.

All students are required to successfully pass a Hospitality Management Competency Examination before the last semester of their senior year.

Major Requirements

Students are required to take 48 credit Hours in lodging, food and travel courses and 38 credit Hours from course offerings throughout the School of Business including two mandatory internships requiring a minimum Grade Point Average of 2.5. Students must earn a “C” or better average in all Business/Hospitality Management courses.

All students are required to successfully pass a Hospitality Management Senior Exit Examination before the last Semester of their senior year.

Hospitality Management: Total Semester Hours = 123

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year


GE = General Education Courses

* Based on your placement testing scores, these courses may require prerequisites which may extend the number of semesters needed to complete degree requirements. These prerequisites do not count towards the degreee for graduation.

**MARCHING BAND MEMBERS ONLY, MUST substitute PE Activity with MUB 110 - Marching Band  

**ROTC MEMBERS ONLY, substitute PE Activity with MY 104 - Basic Military Science  and MYL 104L - Basic Military Science Laboratory   

***Students must complete (2) Internships to meet graduation requirements.



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