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2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Religion and Philosophy, B.A.

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Students may choose an area of concentration for the degree, either Christian studies or philosophy. 120 credit Hours are required for the completion of the program. Eighteen Hours are available for electives and students are encouraged to choose a minor in ethics for leadership or in another discipline. Religion and philosophy can be combined with courses in business, music, education, journalism, the social sciences, or any other discipline depending on a student’s interests and career goals.

Admission to the Program:

Admission is through a formal declaration of major.


  • Graduates critically reflect upon and evaluate competing philosophies, values, ethics and leadership qualities prominent in various cultures, eras, and religious traditions as assessed as acceptable on a rubric.
  • Graduates can explain and critique the arguments of others and can construct their own logically-valid arguments both orally and in writing as assessed as acceptable on a rubric.
  • Graduates use vocabulary, concepts, paradigms, and methods of analysis fundamental to their respective disciplines, both orally and in writing as assessed as acceptable on a rubric.
  • Graduates identify prominent moral challenges facing societies and demonstrate awareness of various philosophical, aesthetic, ethical, and religious/theological principles that have historically contributed to the improvement and/or detriment of the human condition. Assessed at the level of acceptable or better on a rubric.
  • Graduates demonstrate mastery of the standards for producing academic projects or papers using scholarly spoken and written English, critical analysis and synthesis of source materials.
  • Given a writing assignment, all graduates can utilize current technology to research, write, produce, and present creative projects.
  • Graduates differentiate and compare a variety of contrasting philosophical, religious/theological, and scholarly viewpoints and apply them to real-life situations in order to identify their contributions to the improvement of and/or detriment to the human condition as assessed as acceptable on a rubric.
  • Graduates articulate moral understandings that inform and emerge from their own civic engagement and concern for social change. Assessed as acceptable or better on a rubric.
  • Graduates exhibit productive consensus building and teamwork to meet shared objectives through collaboration grounded in equity, respect, and personal responsibility as observed and assessed by a rubric.

Major Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 120 Hours, including the General Education program.

Course Requirements:

Please refer to the Vertical Curriculum.

Religion and Philosophy : Total Semester Hours=120

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

First Semester

Total: 16

Second Semester

  • RP 333 - The Prophets of Israel
  • RP - Religion Elective
  • RP - Religion Elective
  • Free Elective (200 and above)
  • Free Elective (200 and above)
  • LAI 380 - Professional Seminar
Total: 15

Senior Year

Total: 15

Total: 12


GE = General Education Courses

* Based on your placement testing scores, these courses may require prerequisites which may extend the number of semesters needed to complete degree requirements. These prerequisites do not count towards the degree for graduation.

**MARCHlNG BAND MEMBERS ONLY, MUST substitute PE Activity with MUB 110 - Marching Band .

**ROTC MEMBERS ONLY, substitute PE Activity with MY 104 - Basic Military Science  and MYL 104L - Basic Military Science Laboratory . (ROTC)

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